Fully Automated Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8A is the fully automatic model of the dependable RQ-8 series of strapping machines. It is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 tabletop belt configurations to match various package sizes. The belt top of the RQ-8A is unique in the industry. The narrow belts ride between tabletop side guides and flanged pulleys. This eliminates tracking problems and related premature belt wear.
The conveyor speed is variable, from 9.8 to 29.4 m per minute. An inverter system makes it safe and easy to adjust the belt speed.

The standard RQ-8A allows selection of 0, 1 or 2 straps. Optional automation packages are available to provide a variety of automatic strap placements. Self-correcting technology, standard on all RQ-8A models is vital in fully automatic applications. Strap feed failures re-feed three times, keeping the RQ-8A operating when minor strap problems are encountered.


Automatic Side Seal Strapping Machine

The side mounted head model, StraPack RQ-8Y, adapts easily to conveyorized automated packaging systems. The compact design of the arch requires only a 76mm gap between the conveyors. It is easy to slide the RQ-8Y out of the conveyor system when service is required.

Several options are available to make it easy to integrate the RQ-8Y into a conveyor system. An end of cycle interlock signals the conveyor system to restart. Cycle error and out of strap signals warn that the strapping machine requires operators’ attention.

The side seal RQ-8Y is ideal for heavy products; the weight of the product is on the conveyor not on the strapping machine. In applications where dirt and dust is a factor, the side-mounted head is ideal.

StraPack has been an innovative leader in plastic strapping machinery since the inception of this type of equipment in the early 60s. In 1974, Strapack invented the first lubrication-free strapping machine. Innovative design such as this and dedication to high quality has earned StraPack strapping machines a solid reputation as the most dependable strapping machines in the world.



  • Closed cabinet type.Power:
  • 240v.50hz.1-phase.
  • SA fitted plug.
  • Touch panel with:
    • strapping length control.
    • manual strapping feed.
    • re-cycle mode.
  • Colour: machine body dark blue, front panel orange.
  • P.P.strap: 9mm,12mm,16mm x 0.55mm.
  • Core inner diameter: 200mm.
  • Outside tension mechanisim
  • Auto motor off function.
  • Wheel locks



  • Aluminum arch.
  • Arch size: 850mm(w) x 600mm(h).
  • Power: 240v.50hz.1-phase.
  • SA fitted plug.
  • Color: dark blue.
  • Core inner diameter: 200mm.
  • P.P.strap: 12mm x 0.55mm.
  • Strapping speed: 26 straps/min.
  • With proximity switch.
  • Machine tension: 3-70kgs